Skin care Routine for Oily Skin

A lot of our customers always ask “what do you recommend for oily skin?” or “I have oily skin, what products should I use?” That’s why I come up with this list – a skin care routine for oily skin.

For oily skin, we usually recommend mild products with low pH level (read https://dewytreeph.com/2017/06/16/what-you-dont-know-about-your-skin/).

First off, remove all traces of make-up, dirt, and oil with Dewytree Nature Source Pulling Cleansing Water.

Cleansing Water
Nature Source Pulling Cleansing Water Php 949.00

After removing your make-up, do the 2nd cleanse using a water base cleanser.

we recommend, Clean Healthy Foam and Nature Source Sea Salt Powder Wash.

7cut-Healthy foam.jpg
Clean Healthy Foam Php 689.00
seasalt pic
Nature Source Sea Salt Powder Wash Php699.00

For this step, we recommend using the Teatree Clay Mask once or twice a week to absorb excess sebum and dirt.

Clay Mask_jpg
Teatree Porest Purifying Clay Mask Php 869.00

After washing your face thoroughly, it is time to bring back moisture with a toner.

Powder in Toner_jpg
Teatree Porest Powder in Toner Php 989.00

Regular creams and moisturizer tend to feel oily and sticky especially for oily skin. You can switch your regular cream/moisturizer with a light weight emulsion or serum since they are lighter, and absorbs it faster by the skin.

Silky Serum_jpg
Teatree Porest Moist Silky Serum Php 1,199.00

For sheet mask, we recommend using it once a week. We pick out 3 kinds of our masks from different mask lines that are recommend for oily / sensitive skin.

Madeca Melting Chou Mask Php 149.00
AC Control Deep Mask Php 139
Jung Bonan Mask Php 129.00


Dewytree is available in Lazada, Beauty Manila and Shopee.


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