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My skin has been in tatters lately because of hormonal cystic acne and some clogged pores on my chin and forehead, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to try Dewytree's Deep Detox Black Mask. 😋 This features Jeju volcanic ash and extracts from charcoal, walnut and centella to detoxify and purify your skin. — *This was provided to me for free in exchange for my honest reviews. Thank you, Janet of @dewytreeph! 😄* — Fit: the fit is actually great for me! I've read some reviews where people didn't like it, but for me this was almost perfect. 😍 I just found the nose and mouth holes a bit too wide but it didn't bother me. People with bigger faces might find this too small though. Also interesting with this mask is that it comes with EYE FLAPS! I know eye flaps aren't new but this is my first time 😂 Tip: before putting this on, you might want to fold the eye flaps first lest you want to be poked in the eye. 👀 — Material: thick, very soft, cloth-like. Softer than Naruko Tea Tree. Retains a lot of essence–I had this on my face for 45 minutes 😄 — Essence: clear, a bit thick but still runny. It smelled slightly earthy, like mushrooms… or beer 😂🍺 but the scent was faint and did not linger after I put it on. — Effect:  I hate to say this, but this worked better for me than my Naruko Tea Tree three nights ago. 😱 I'm not kidding. After I took it off, two of my four stubborn volcanoes shrank. The next morning another one flattened. I was so baffled, how??? 😂 Made my blemishes less red, too! This mask also delivered the glow and moisture that my skin needed. 💦 The following day I didn't put anything on my face other than my Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder and my skin was.just.glowing. ✨😍 — Will repurchase, and another HG mask! ✨ This mask costs P139 (USD2.84) in @beautymnl. I personally find this a bit expensive for daily use (sale pls hehe), but I won't hesitate to add this to my cart so that I'll have some serious zit-zapping detox mask in my arsenal. 😄 Rating: 4.5/5

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My cousin invited me to be her model for her makeup class today so I needed my face to be moisturized and bright. 💫 The perfect timing to try Dewytree's Vita Snail Black Mask! This boasts Vitamin C for brightening and snail secretion filtrate for hydration and moisturization. 🍊🐌 — *This was provided to me for free in exchange for my honest reviews. Thank you, @dewytreeph! 😄* — Fit: It was similar with the much-loved Deep Detox Black Mask. This also had eye flaps (remember to fold the flaps before wearing this!). But for some reason, the fit of this one was odd for the lower part of the face. It felt like the mouth hole was much wider(?) so the mask wasn't flat against the underside of my chin. Maybe I got a defective mask? The Deep Detox mask wasn't like this 🤔 — Material: On the thick side typical for a black mask but molds to my skin softly without leaving fold marks 💛 (*side eyeing Naruko Tea Tree*) — Essence: Smells like car freshener 😂🚗 but the scent dissapates quickly once it's on your face. The essence is clear and has some viscosity to it but it's still pretty runny. — Effect:  I left this on for 25 minutes (had to cut it short bc beauty sleep). I gave the essence a couple of minutes to absorb after patting it in. Afterwards, there was a thin film of residue that's left, but I just massaged it in a bit more and the rest of my routine sank in just fine. 👍🏼 Immediately, my skin was moisturized and even-toned, and the remnants of my hormonal breakouts were lightened! — The fit was a bit off for me but Dewytree Vita Snail delivers. I'm a fan of how this lightened my PIH. ✨ If the Deep Detox mask is for battling blemishes and cystic acne, Vita Snail is for healing them. 😉

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Lol I look sad here but I swear I was smiling. 😂 Finally got some mask time this weekend YASSS. I pulled out my Dewytree Premium Syn-ake Black Mask last night. Grapefruit extract, hyaluronic acid, collagen, trehalose, volcanic ash, centella extract, castor oil and of course peptides are in the ingredients list. Pretty impressive! ✨ — *This was provided to me for free in exchange for my honest reviews. Thank you, @dewytreeph!* — Material: The material is very cloth-like. It's soft and comfortable to wear. ❤ it came with eye flaps just like the other masks in this line. — Fit: The fit was good except for the lower part of the face. The mask was a bit too long for me so I had to tuck in some corners around the mouth area. The material posed some minor troubles with holding the tucked areas in place, but it wasn't very bothersome. 😄 — Essence: The essence was clear, runny and smelled fruity-floral which quickly dissapates when worn. — Effect: I wore this for 20 minutes. It dried out pretty quickly around the mouth area because the mask wasn't sticking well to my skin. I couldn't say a lot about its anti-wrinkle properties because I don't have visible wrinkles, but as with most Dewytree masks this one gave me moisturized, smooth and bright complexion! My skin looked visibly firmer too, so I guess that's where the syn-ake went for me! Rating: 4/5 💖 #yogisnailsDewytree

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Thank you so much Ms. Nina Alonzo of @yogisnails for your honest and detailed reviews!


*All photos taken from @yogisnails instagram account

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