Melting Chou Mask Review by Yogisnails

Skin care enthusiast Nina Alonzo (@yogisnails) shares her thoughts on our Melting Chou Masks!


I'm finally recovering from my hormonal breakout, so I felt confident enough to try my first cream mask sheet from @dewytreeph! ✨ This is the Melting-Chou Hyaluron mask, which boasts the 7-Free Formula, making it free from sulfates, mineral oils, parabens, benzophenone, triethanolamine, synthetic dyes and synthetic fragrances. This mask is specifically made to increase the skin's moisture and elasticity. — *This was provided to me for free in exchange for my honest reviews. Thank you, @dewytreeph! ❤* — Fit: ahhhh perfect!!! I am in love with the fit! I mean, look at that 😍 No words. Just love. — Material: the mask came with half a backing. 😂 only the upper half of the mask had a perforated pearl backing. The mask material is very different from the other masks I've tried; it's soft and hugs my face so well. It's very stretchy, but I wasn't able to test how far it could stretch. — Essence: instead of your typical clear essence, this came with porous, milky cream. The cream is thin and a bit runny. It smells slightly like Domex/something you'd clean your bathroom with and the smell lingers a little bit even after putting on the mask. I tolerated it well (I also clean my own bathroom so I'm used to it 😂) but I can imagine how this can cause a headache for some sensitive noses. 😞 There was PLENTY of cream in the pack. 😱 — Effect:  I wore this for 40 minutes before it started to feel dry. I was expecting white stuff on my face after masking because of the cream, but I was surprised to see my face clean! The essence fully absorbed into my skin after 3 minutes without stickiness. Results? Uuugghhhh my skin. It was so nice. Very very glowy. ✨ Even-toned. Even my under eye area was bright! So plump. What the hell. — Also: the packaging feels so luxe! It feels papery and the design is on point 👌 — The smell was a con for this mask, but everything else was worth it! I have 3 other variants from this line so I'll see if they smell different. Will purchase! Rating: 4.5/5 ✨

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My first mask for February! I tried @dewytree_kr @dewytreeph's Vitamin Melting-Chou Mask last night. I haven't had any sheet mask time last week so this felt like a special treat! 🌻 This mask contains a powerful mix of vitamin B, C and E derivatives, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, squalene, arginine, and various fruit and plant extracts to nourish the skin. ✨ — *This was provided to me for free in exchange for my honest reviews. Thank you, @dewytreeph! ❤* — Material: Just like the other masks from the Melting Chou line, this is a thin, comfortable microfiber mask that lovingly hugs my face. — Fit: The BEST fitting mask for my face to date. And I'm not just saying this! My selfie is proof. 😄 — Essence: The scent is better than the Hyaluron mask! That one smelled pretty strong but this was fine. It smells… chemically bland? Lol idk how to identify the smell but it was forgettable and fades quickly. Also, the essence is milky, runny and absorbs well. The pack contains a generous amount of cream essence. — Effect: I had this on for 30 minutes. Afterwards, my skin was bright, even-toned and moisturized. What I like about the Melting-Chou masks is that they are moisturizing enough for my skin that I don't need another moisturizing layer (YMMV; I have oily skin in a tropical climate). After this mask, I went straight to my eye cream and sleeping pack. — Dear @dewytreeph, I am honestly terrified of running out of my dear Melting-Chou masks. 😂 Rating: 5/5 💛 — Whoops almost forgot! I'm also putting this in as an entry for @mypointlessobsession's #mypointlessgiveaway. I know most of you already know her but if not do give her some love! 💖

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Happy Monday! My boyfriend told me yesterday that my skin looked glowing (!!!) and that made me extra happy! Y'all can relate 😂 Today, I am posting my review on Dewytree's Madeca Melting-Chou cream sheet mask. I've masked this about a week ago but only had the chance to finalize my review draft today. 😥 ⚊ But first, what the hell is "madeca"? After looking into this mask's ingredients list and some Google searching, apparently madeca is a shortened term for madecassoside and madecassic acid, chemical compounds derived from Centella asiatica. This Dewytree mask has both ingredients. 🎉 They are both known to be antioxidants and have skin healing and anti-aging properties. ⚊ Material and fit: Just like the other masks from the Melting Chou line, this is a thin, comfortable microfiber mask that has the perfect fit for my face. ❤ ⚊ Essence: Milky cream essence that smells slightly like the Hyaluron variant (find my review at #yogisnailsDewytree). It faintly smells like bleach but this is more tolerable than the Hyaluron one and fades after a while. ⚊ Effect: I had this on for 20 minutes. Just like the other Melting-Chou masks, this left me with bright, moisturized, supple skin. I have so much love for the Melting Chou line. ✨ Rating: 4.5/5 #yogisnailsDewytree ⚊ *This mask was provided to me for free in exchange for my honest reviews. Thank you, @dewytreeph!*

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*All photos taken from @yogisnails instagram account

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