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How To Choose the Best Cleanser for your Skin

Many of us put a lot of effort in buying skin treatments and moisturizers rather than our daily skin cleansers. We don’t put a lot of thought in buying cleansers since whatever is available on the market and as long as it does the job done right?


Well you’re wrong.

Choosing the Right Cleanser is VERY Important.

First of all, Cleansers play an important role in our health keeping our skin clean and fresh. Proper cleansing also ensures maximum performance of other skin care products. Moisturizers and other treatment products penetrates deeply and become more effective.

Some cleansers can also be too stripping. It leaves the skin dry after cleansing, causing irritation and sensitive skin. Harsh cleansers can also cause skin to produce more sebum since the skin becomes too dry.

While some can be too rich. Some cleansers or oil cleansers removed makeup well but leaves a residue in the skin. These residue causes the skin to be clogged.

Double Cleanse

Double cleanse should be done in your evening skincare routine. Cleansing twice ensures that NO traces of makeup, dirt, and oil left on the skin.

DEWYTREE Nature Source Deep Pure Cleansing Oil 200ml P 979.00

The first cleanse should remove all traces of makeup. You can use a cleansing oil if you have dry skin, DEWYTREE 7 Cut Nature Source Cleansing Oil 200ml P 979.00, or Cleansing cream great for all skin types, DEWYTREE 3 Effect Deep Cleansing Cream 300ml P 639.00, or a cleansing water which is also perfect for all skin types, DEWYTEE Nature Source Deep Cleansing Oil 370ml P 979.00.

DEWYTREE Miracle Seed Multi Cleanser 170ml P 689.00 and DEWYTREE Brightox Multi Cleanser 170ml P 689.00

The second cleanse should be a deep cleanse without stripping your skin’s barrier. I suggest you use a mild cleanser regardless of your skin type. Use DEWYTREE 7 Cut Nature Source Whipping Cleanser 150ml P 1,299.00, DEWYTREE 7 Cut Clean and Healthy Foam 170ml P 689.00. If you have acne-prone skin, I suggest you use DEWYTREE 7 Cut AC Dew Trouble Calming Cleansing Foam 140ml P 629.00, which contains Allantoin, that soothes acne-proned skin. If you are the lazy type, try DEWYTREE Brightox Multi Cleanser 170ml P 689.00 and DEWYTREE Miracle Seed Multi Cleanser 170 ml P 689.00, which are multi cleansers, that gently removes makeup, sunscreen, dirt and oil while cleansing and exfoliating your skin.


Since you now know the importance of choosing the right cleanser, hopefully you can apply them in your skincare regimen. Also remember that do not over cleanse. Cleansing your face twice a day is enough, once in the morning and at night. It’s a good idea to just keep a handful of cleansers for your different needs – makeup removers, cleansers, etc. Since our skin changes depending on the season.

I would like to know about your cleansing routine! Have you found Holy Grail cleanser yet?



Dewytree is available at Beauty Manila, Lazada and Shopee.




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